Smartthings compatible dimmer switches that don’t require a neutral - UK

Hi there,
I have been searching for zigbee or z wave compatible, relatively cheap dimmer switches in UK. I could not find any resources specifically for UK. I am looking for switches not requiring a neutral wire as most UK houses dont have a neutral wire.

There is lightwave switches, which looks really nice but there is huge issues with compatibility with LED bulbs. I found that some of the GU10 starting lighting up some LEDs when switched off after a while.

Other option is to use smart dimmable bulbs, but if the wall switch is off these cannot be controlled. I am looking for a solution where I can control these manually from the wall switch and via smartthings app.

I found some zigbee on/off switched by yagusmart, which works brilliantly and pairs easily with smartthings. These are cheap as well.

I am looking for something similar which is dimmable. I would appreciate any leads. That is any zigbee or z wave dimmer switch compatible with smartthings in UK.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I feel uneasy using anything that mentions Tuya, even though I don’t use IFTTT! Actually I had two smart plugs that wanted to use Tuya’s SmartLife app and they both ended up in the bin on the grounds of being useless before the IFTTT debacle was even a thing.

I would recommend fibaro dimmer 2 module then you can use whatever physical dumb switch you wish, I have a house full of them and I’m also from the UK so using no neutral install on some of them.

Because you can still use your old switches or standard light switches nothing looks different it’s nice and tidy and works still when Internet is down so the Mrs is happy :joy:

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Hi Adam
Thanks for your message. I did some research on these. Sounds like a good option although pricy. £50 per module.! So these can be controlled even if the connected switch is in off position? Any issues with bulb compatibility? Any dimmable LED works?

And glad to know that I’m not alone struggling to keep Mrs happy with all these tinkering :joy:

Hi Inge
Not sure why you are feeling in easy using tuya devices. I don’t use tuya or smart life app. I simply pair with smartthings and use it. So the only could contact is with smartthings server.

And what happened to your devices? Stopped working?

Yes they are pricey but give you a lot more options you can put them in a celing rose or behind a light fitting where there will be a neutral or if you have two way switches you will only need one module for both switches instead of buying two switches and having one as a slave.

I also have a yagusmart switch which is basically a tuya zigbee switch rebranded and it’s OK but I wasn’t personally happy with the feeling or quality but I don’t know of any dimmable switches they make.

I don’t have any problems with bulbs I just use dimmable leds I had to buy a bypass for one to stop flickering but works perfectly now.

They were showing up as several devices (presumably child devices), and each one was only shown as an on/off of placeholder device type. It was just too confusing.

+1 for the Fibaro Dimmer 2. Pricey yes, but there is native device handler and they run locally. I have a lot of these and they all work great with single, 2 way and 2-way with intermediate switches. I also have a couple where I am using the S2 input to wit the scenes function to control other devices.

Only thing I found to be careful of is with LED lights where the load is really low (<25W). In this case you may need the bypass resistor.

Thanks. So low watt LED lights will have issues? I thought most of the LED bulbs are under 25 watts anyway? Also, any links to bypass resistor?

Also depending on how you wire it up if you manage to get a neutral wire to it then you can use much lower watt bulbs with no bypass.

I use these bulbs with no bypass and then use this celing pendant and fit the fibaro dimmer 2 inside it fits perfectly.

I wouldn’t take much notice of all the specs, they work fine with 6W bulbs without a bypass, same yourself some money.

Don’t say that. They don’t ALL work without the bypass. Some do and some don’t and you only know when you get it all wired up. Even if they work without the bypass you can have issues with the dimming. I have several other these, some needed a bypass and some didn’t.

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