Uh oh - Hue Bridge Stopped Working

Coming home from a biz trip, my wife told me none of the lights were working. So I rebooted my ST Hub (sorry for blaming ST first). Then… I noticed my phone can’t find my hue bridge so I powered it off, unplugged it (including the ethernet cable). Replugged it in and the app can’t find it. “No new Hue Bridge Found”. Before I do anything drastic, is there anything I can do here? BTW, I can’t find the IP address in my network devices list so clearly it’s not connected. Any ideas before I do anything drastic? If I do a factory reset (dont know how yet), will it erase all of my connected Hue lights?

Which app… ST app or Hue app? Have you opened the hue app to see if it is discovered or checked the settings of the bridge?

Start with the basics:
Are the lights on the hue bridge on?
Is the network cable plugged in and in good shape?

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If you electric went our recently or you unplugged your hub (either ST or the Hue bridge) the ip of the bridge changed and ST doesnt see it.

This turned out to be the problem Tony. Thanks. That is precisely what I did.

Humm, electronics stopped working. New puppy. Dog hangs out near router/hub/bridge. Damaged RJ45 cable. All is right in the world now. Thanks everyone.

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