Hue Bridge not found - Another fix to try

Apologies all if this fix has already been described in another post but I did read every post I could find on the WWW and all fixes suggested did not work for me.

If you are still having trouble with the ST app finding your Hue bridge and at the point of throwing one or the other into the proverbial pile of Piece of Sxxx Technology (POST) the try one more thing.

I have numerous dumb switches on my home network with approximately 20 hardwired devices and 5 wireless. I had my Hue bridge plugged into one dumb switch and the ST hub into another. The ST app could not find the Hue bridge after trying all other fix suggestions I found on the WWW. So as a last resort I simply put both on the same dumb switch and magically the app found it this time!

This may be something you want to try first and save time (and your sanity) if you have your ST hub and Hue bridge on different switches!

Honestly, I don’t think it matters. I’ve had Hue stuff for many years and have all but abandoned it. It doesn’t matter if I’m controlling through Smartthings, Homekit or through the Hue app, it constantly disconnects, even when the light is less than 20 feet away. The fact that their own app won’t even turn lights on based on Sunrise/Sunset is a tell tale sign to me that they just don’t care (yes I know that there is a recent “labs” item now, but its not native functionality). I keep one or two lights hooked up to see if they ever improve through updates, but so far, they haven’t. :-1:

Had similar issue with ST can’t find the HUE bridge. The problem that I have a connected home pro, which is a ST hub AND router by itself. Which created sub network with different IP’s. Once I changed Connected Home to “BRIDGE”, it’s became a part of network and HUE was found immediately.

Good to hear. I was considering the connected home pro but I have just replaced my wireless router with a Ubiquiti AC lite along with adding a Ubiquiti Security Gateway. Really love the Ubiquiti line for the value/cost aspect!

I am also little concerned about having both the automation hub and router combined on 1 device (e.g. security). My background is in Information Security and I know all to much how easy it is to hack into a network which makes me really paranoid about any network connected devices (local or cloud based more so).

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