Ugh remind me how to connect hue


so i was trying to connect Hue hub to ST and i swear hue connect is not listed where it should be or I am going blind or both.


The official integration has changed multiple times. Here’s the current steps:

(Ray) #3

I did this multiple times before and still scratching my head. It’s not like Phillips hue is some no name stuff. Under lights and switches then light bulbs. I think they hide it on purpose to get people on the forum :smile:


following those steps i don’t see the hue bridge only hue bloom hue light bulb and strip no hub…

same as above I cant find the hub listed anywhere

(Ray) #5

Click on Phillips hue light bulb. It’s for the light bridge. Be sure to pair the bulbs to the hue bridge first before doing this or don’t power up the new bulb just in case ST steals the unpaired bulb.


I thought it said hue bridge when i done it last time or maybe hue connect. ill try that tho.