Connecting Hue Bridge with Smartthings Hub

I recently got some hue bulbs and the bridge and would like to connect it to smart things. When I add the device I would prefer to use the Phillips Hue with SmartThings Hub option, however it doesn’t work. The second option allows me to connect my account without the Hub. Any idea why it might not be finding the hub to connect locally?

Is the hue bridge on the same subnet as the ST hub?

Yes they are both plugged into the same switch

Try the following:
Set static ip# for hue bridge
Reboot router

Thank you for your help this seems to have solved my problem.

Stupid question, the hub is connected but no lights are showing up, do they need to be added in addition to the hub?

Try clicking on the + (plus) in the upper right of the screen and select Device. Then select Scan nearby at the bottom of the screen.

Or on the dashboard, scroll to the bottom and look in the unassigned section

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That did it, thanks again for your help