More hue bridge problems - or how to add additional hue (philips on bridge) bulbs in v2

Smartthings knows about my hue bridge as I can still control the lights I had on it before. However, when going through the add device/Phillips /bulbs it is not finding the bridge… The ip address is the same and it obviously knows about it as I can control the lights on it… what gives?

How exactly are you adding new bulbs? You just have to open the hue connect rather than adding new bulb process. Once you open the hue connect, it will start discovering your bulbs. Once the number changes, select the newer bulbs by clicking on the plus sign and check the checkbox of the newly detected bulbs.

figured it out… the instructions are vague and no longer accurate.

There is no hue app in smarttings
and you no longer goto smartapps/lights/Philips and add new light as it says.
Apparently this is only to find your hub initially.

  1. add the bulb first in the philips hue hub.
  2. You goto the hue device in smartthings.
  3. Choose edit device
    and 4. choose guided setup…

I cant find any other way to do it…

You guys need to update your instructions.

Hey Larry! Ignore the intent of the thread below and how to directly connect. This is how I do it…