Tyzen hub firmware stuck at 47

I’m using KQ75QNB85 as SmartThings hub with dongle.
But my firmware version shows 000.047.00011 still. It’s been few months ago. Any reason for this?

Most likely… that is the latest version for your product… I don’t know what the latest version is. You can contact ST support and inquire.

The ST v2, v3 and aeotec hubs are on separate firmware release dates and have a higher firmware version (currently 50.x) then other ST hubs (ST Station (50.x also, Home Connect, Mesh WiFi), built in for TVs and Refrigerators and dongles.

I seriously don’t understand. Dongle was released on 2022. But the firmware version is lower than older ST hubs? That’s really wierd. If It’s true, I should have change to other one.

contact ST support :slight_smile:

The dongle on my refrigerator is still on 46.8 and I installed it in 2022 as well.

The dongle firmware for TV/Refridgerators, seem to be running firmware 000.47.00011. Heck everything that has that capability (device with built in hub capabilities) except for the SmartThings Station has that firmware from what I’ve seen. I have 4 of these hubs a 2023 TV and a 2023 Soundbar both don’t require the dongle as it’s built in, a 2020 Refridgerator with Family Hub that I added the dongle, and I just got a SmartThings Station, which I haven’t setup yet. All 3 of these have the same firmware. These devices seem to have older firmware mostly due to the fact the the devices are using new tech and don’t have a Z-Wave capabilities, due to this they take longer to test and get a stable firmware pushed. That and the fact that most SmartThings users are using older dedicated hubs and if your user base is 90% dedicated hubs and 10% of users are using the new hubs; your going to give more frequent support to your bigger userbase. This will get better as more and more people start getting these built in hubs as Samsung is pushing the connected lifestyle. But I can tell you from my experience you have the lastest firmware for your TV w/Dongle combo as of right now.

I’m surpised your still on firmware 46.8. I added my dongle to my refrigerator this year and was on 46.8 for about a month just before they updated all these built in hubs devices. My refridgerator was the last of my 3 devices though to receive the 000.47.00011 firmware, but it did get updated. Again as of right now I have 4 of these built in hub devices and 1 isn’t setup yet as I just got it (SmartThings Station), but all 3 others have 000.47.00011 firmware.

if history is any indication, all the built-in hubs will run at least months behind the standalone hubs and there will be no notification when they get updated.

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