Hub firmware still at 31.0006 since Sept 2020

I’m curious why my hub still shows firwmare 31.0006 and not receiving any updates. I know about a month ago when an update which caused an issue where LAN to LAN devices cannot communicate with each other in ST, i experienced that issue. Then I think it got resolved by a patch as it was fixed for me as well the day people were saying it as resolved.

So i know i am getting patches but my firmware still says 31.006. In IDE under device utilities, i dont have an option to enable OTA updates.

Please soemeone enlghten me

You didn’t mention which hub you have. Certain hubs are still on 31.6.

Only the v2 and v3 received the recent 32.x firmware

Sounds like you may have the wifi model


ah is it just the hub versions that are getting the firmware updates? Yes I have the v3 Wifi mesh hub. That clears it up then, I didn’t see it anywhere it mentioned hub only, and not the wifi hub.

thank you

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