Need quick help before I give up

Hello, I need some quick help. I have been having problems lately with the hubs constantly disconnecting. I am trying to confirm the firmware version that is on the smartthings Wifi, Version says If I understand correctly, it should be 31.6 and mine are saying 4.19. Do I have that right? thanks for your help!

If you have the SmartThings wifi hub, there have been some issues over the past few days that should have been resolved yesterday. More info in the following thread:

That is where I was able to find the latest version for the ST Wifi. what I was wondering is, if I am reading the correct version on my devices which show ( which I think means I am running 4.19) If that is the case it would explain all the issues I am having.
thanks. is the version of the core ST WiFi firmware. To find the firmware version of the ST hub software running on the ST WiFi:

Click on the ST WiFi device card in the ST app -> Use SmartThings Hub -> Manage SmartThings Hub -> Click on the kebab button top right corner then click on information.

I’ll admit not very intuitive but that will show you the latest version of the ST Hub firmware.

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Thank you Berry! I am running the latest. that is good. I guess I am just having the issue everyone else is having with the latest updates and plume. I will give it another day or two to see if they fix the problems.

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