Two Users, Same Notification Settings?

I have my wife set up on my account so I can use both our iOS phones as presence sensors. Unfortunately when I set up the SmartThings app to push iOS notifications for certain events on my phone, the same notifications appear on her phone. Is it possible to have multiple users on the same account but to have different push notifications? (e.g. If I set a push notification to let me know when my wife’s phone has left the geofence, her phone will get the notifications as well)

Nah! Not possible as of now without a custom app for some of the things. NOT ALL. Also set her up with her own account and not yours else the presence will go berserk.

I use ifttt for notifications I want to see that I don’t want to bother my wife with. Works very well.

Glad to hear it works assuming with no delays? I have never used IFTTT for some reason except experimenting with geofencing (location to life360).

+1 for supporting separate push note settings by user. When testing new things best not to annoy the wife so I can continue my automating of everything.

Realize I can turn off push notes for the app for her phone, but still would like her to get critical messages too.

Yep, she has her own account for the reason you specified. All the more reason why I don’t understand why two users on two different phones must have the same notifications. She doesn’t need a notification to let herself know she left the geofence! :smiley:

I have this issue too, but multiplied since I have two kids as well. I’ve only had my hub for a couple weeks, but I keep tinkering with things and it is driving everyone else a bit nuts! Just because I want to know when all my events have triggered doesn’t mean they care at all. Maybe the workaround is to turn off all push notifications and use text messages to my phone only?

I would give this feature request a +1 also. Same reasons as the others. I want to monitor more events than my wife and I do not want to pester her when I am coding and testing a new SmartApp.

Search for @baldeagle072’s PushBullet notifier, he wrote it for just that reason. Works great!

As a work around for developing SmartApps and testing configurations, PushBullet works, as does sending SMS to just my phone. Both of which I have used. However, for notifications that are just part of the everyday use of SmartThings, it would be nice to be able to direct those notifications to specific users. Right now, if I find a published app on ST or in GitHub that I want to test/use, I have to modify the code to add the SMS or PushBullet messaging. If SmartThings added functionality to choose the recipient(s) for notifications, developers could have a standard library to use.

This should most certainly be a standard feature. The whole idea of home automation is to simplify the way you interact with your home. Only different people interact differently. My wife could care less about most of the notifications and I’m sure she’d be happy to be rid of them.

I would like to see some access granularity in the sub accounts for SmartThings. For example, it would be nice that I could install the SmartThings APP on my neighbors iPhone so that they can ONLY unlock the front door using the Things Door Open Icon, or get notifications when there is movement in the house and we are on vacation, but not see anything else. I also have family members with the app installed and had to mute all notifications so they could use the APP to open zwave enabled locks and garage doors.

Let’s hope that SmartThings developers and management use SmartThings and have kids and neighbors that have the app installed. It’s got to be annoying them as much as does all of us!

@kurtsanders, check out SmartTiles. You can have multiple copies with different “things” on each for different people and needs. You can also enable and disable at will, say when you go on vacation then come back.
Also they would not need to install an app, just point to a website.
It’s a fantastic addition to SmartThings and I would not go without it!

@swindmiller :+1: Thanks for the innovative tip. I have used SmartTiles in the past and liked it for my personal use. I did not think to create several SmartTiles versions, allowing limited access for selected functions.

I agree that this method would be a viable solution to provide family and neighbors differing access to selected functions. SmartTiles, being a browser based application, is not a native APP like the iOS version of SmartThings, but would lend itself to those neighbors that use a laptop/desktop.

Let’s hope that SmartThings engineering will hear our repeated cries for this grandular access in their native APPs.

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Resurrecting this thread because I think this is still an issue. I setup presence notifications and my wife got frustrated smartthings was notifying her she arrived and left. I was just dealing with it, but it is ridiculous. Is there any way so my wife is only notified when I leave/arrive and vice versa?

I very much second this. As well as possible restrictions specific to sub accounts.

Agree. I use presence sensors for my children and wife and everyone gets all notifications. This needs to be adjusted guys come on.

i don’t understand why you aren’t using pushover for notifications ? pushover lets you send a notification to a specific device. Im using pushover , ST push alerts , and text messages for notifications works good !

I would also like different notification sounds on my phone. For example, I’d like a persistent ringtone if something happens in Smart Home Monitor, but just the default sound if someone arrives at home via their presence.

+1 I just got a message from my wife to stop spamming her :slight_smile:

end of the day as I’m getting things going I would like more notifications than after things are working well, I can use SMS, though this would be a great feature to integrate.