Adding another iPhone as presence sensor

How do I go about adding another phone to my account?

Do they download the app and use my login info or do they make their own account?

I don’t want both phones receiving notifications.

Yes they download the app.

No they don’t use your login, they need their own account.

You could set any notifications you create to sms a single number and never use push notifications. Those aren’t configurable across multiple devices. They’ll just all get them.

It would be frustrating never using push notifications, so if you’re interested in giving a particular user limited access to your smarttings system you can look into a dashboard like smarttiles.

SmartTiles is good for giving the person who uses that phone limited access to a specific set of devices, but it doesn’t have Geopresence indication.

You would need to combine it with either life 360 or the IFTTT presence sensor service in order to have the phone act as a presence sensor to smartthings while still limiting device access for the person.

Thanks for the feedback.
I don’t mind giving the iPhone user access to SmartThings, I just don’t want them to receive the push notifications.

I’m thinking I could just shut off all notifications on the phone? The only thing I want is to use the phone as a presence sensor, they would never open the actual app. I also can’t use the separate SmartThing sensor that goes on her keys. She never has them…

I’m going to second what Mark said.

Push notifications can be a plus at times for the casual user in the home. For example if the hub were to go off-line and you aren’t around the second user to take action to solve that issue in your absence.

So, SMS for things like mode changes etc are very useful here so that you get all the info you want and not bombard the second user with info they care nothing about.

You just need to add a user under My Account > Manage Users. It will send instructions to the email you give to download the app and create an account. Just have them turn off notifications if they don’t want them.

Or I guess you could shut off notifications for the SmartThings app only on that phone, in iOS settings.

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