Presence based push notifications on Android

Hi everyone - I’ve recently bought myself the Smartthings starter kit during the sales so excited to join the community! I’ve just been setting up some basic stuff at the moment but one thing I can’t figure out is that I wanted to have push notifications setup so that my wife and I receive notifications when the other leaves/arrives at home and work. The main problem I’ve found is that I receive a notification relating to my own presence, and ditto with my wife which is obviously pointless. Is there no way to set them up so that you can choose which family member receives the notifications?

This isn’t an ‘officially supported’ way but @AndyRawson has posted a solution here

How to add my contacts

You’d need to change

When you’ve done that you should be able to select which contact the push notification is sent to in the smartapp/rule etc you’re using.

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Fantastic! Thanks you very much for the pointer - got the contacts added to my app and configured with the push notifications - now to test it :slight_smile: will provide an update in a day or so.

My wife also has the app setup on her phone so do I need to do anything on her device?

You’re welcome, I only just found out about it myself! your post motivated me to look for answers because it’s something that’s annoyed the users on my hub, receiving notifications for inactive/offline devices and other things they don’t want to know about.

As far as I know, you won’t have to do anything on your wife’s device as long as you’ve set up an individual rule for each presence device (assuming you’re doing it with custom shm rules)

Yea cool, looks like it’s working as I only got the notification for my wife this morning so I’m presuming she only got one for me but I’ll check. This is really good - don’t understand why it isn’t part of the standard app functionality.

OK so one slight snag, I didn’t get a notification last night when my wife got home. I then noticed that the Smartthings app was showing her as “away” even though she was sitting next to me! I had a feeling what this might be so asked her to open the Smartthings app on her phone and within seconds I got the notification and the app updated to show her as present. So does this mean the app has to be running in the background on the phone in order to provide presence updates?

The Mrs also mentioned that she didn’t get a notification for me arriving home. I’m presuming this was for the same reason as above?

Yes, it is the app that tells smartthings of your presence.

If you’re using your mobiles as presence sensors have a look here there’s loads of topics on here as well, it’s a common issue.

On my android phone I find that WiFi & data on, location on (battery saving) and wifi-scanning on works ok for me, a bit slow to register when leaving but great when arriving.

It also sadly depends on the brand of phone - some manufacturers such as Huawei are including quite aggressive task managers which shut down apps when the screen is off - even if those apps were listening for something, or sending periodic information.

You might need to look for exceptions, whitelists etc to get things to run in the background.

Ah cool ok. That makes sense although not great! But I’m only just getting started with my Smartthings setup so I can see myself using the proper presence sensors later on when I can start to use presence as a trigger for other things. Using the phone is just temporary.

Thanks all - at least I know now!