2 Users. 1 wants push notifications. The other doesn't. How?

Currently there is no way to tailor notifications on devices except at the device system level.

I want the ability to pick and choose what notifications I want to see on 2 different devices.

Device 1 - My wife doesn’t want to see notifications telling her she has left the house. She does want notifications if someone has tripped the alarm.
Device 2 -I want Notifications for everything.

Currently I make a rule and it just sends the notification to everyone.

Suggestion - Smartthings App -> Notifications -> Activate/Deactivate Tab.

Coming soon to a theater near you as per ST once adding new user/contact is enabled.

Not possible as far as I know. I don’t use push because of this reason. I use SMS if the smartapp provides the option

I could use SMS too, but I would be getting SMSs ALL the time. Wife and other users are pretty active (leaving and arriving). I try to reserve my SMS to a few things from ST - like “intruder alerts” and IFTTT automation. Push Notifications are a way to diversify and prioritize. If I set all things to SMS, I would likely start ignoring the important stuff.

This could help for some situations.

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Thanks Ernie, I saw this and it piqued my curiosity. I’ll mess around with it.

No kidding. Just discovered the Add New User Problem. what a messed up thing.

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Just so you know, I have two users set up on my account (I had a v1 hub for a long time and added my wife as a second user over a year ago.) With the new “Contacts” feature (currently only available on Android, but once set up, shows up on iOS as well) you can do exactly what you are asking to do. You can decide whether you want Push or SMS for each user, for every event. It is really is nice.

Hopefully ST will fix the “Add a new user” and add “Contacts” to iOS soon.

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I have an Android. I don’t see “contacts”. I see “family”?

I don’t see it on my Android yet. I don’t think everyone can see it. Personally I think it was in the middle of staged rollout and they found an issue and have been mum ever since. Now they have a bigger issue (time events not running), so who knows what is going on. You either need to have some patience right now, or vent somewhere. My install is running ok, so I’m trying not to tease it right now while the cloud is angry and spewing lightning bolts (or poltergeists). How poetic would it be if this is all fixed this Saturday or Sunday…?


Press the three dots in upper righthand corner within the ST App and you should see “My Contacts”. From there you can add contacts by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner of the Contacts view.

You must add yourself as well, using the email address you use to sign into SmartThings with, and add a phone number for SMS. The Push notifications use the “username/email address” while SMS uses the phone number.

Not everyone has “My Contacts”. I don’t.

Bummer. It was there after the initial v2.0 App rollout on Android, but never on iOS. I used my son’s Android phone to configure it, and then it showed up on my iPhone.

ST must have pulled it in a recent Android update, or platform update. It works very well for us, so not sure what they’re waiting for…

Say it ain’t so!!! (Insert tears emoticon here)

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Here’s what I got

That’s what I have too.

Here is what my iPhone looks like.

Android 5.1

“My Contacts” is MIA on my Android as well. I have a vague recollection of thinking that the contact book feature was just a thinly disguised data mining attempt. I don’t remember though if that was just my initial impression when I heard about it, or whether there was a configuration question at the time of upgrade that I answered “No” to. I really don’t want to tempt fate by uninstalling/reinstalling the app to find out. Can someone here with Android that has a better memory confirm whether the question was asked or if the menu item just appeared?

It just appeared, haven’t done anything special… i’d open a support ticket.

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