Multiple text messages

Is it possible to have a presence sensor alert send text messages to multiple phones? When my kids get home from school, I’d like to have a text sent to both my phone and my wife’s phone.

I know there were discussions about adding this and/or multiple users.

For now, you can achieve the same using IFTTT

So you can have multiple users on your account and they can each get the push notifications, but if you want each to get SMS messages then you could need to do some “fanciness”. You can setup one the normal way thru dashboards and another by using the “Notify Me When” App. Find that by tapping the + Icon at the bottom of your dashboard to enter SmartSetup:

Dashboard > SmartSetup > More > Convenience > Notify Me When (first one in list for me)

How about when you guys add roles? Will individuals be able to control their own notifications?

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Yeah, I think when roles and permissions get fleshed out more this will be one of the areas that will improve a lot.


Thanks. I have set it up with IFTTT. I will see how it works. In my experience IFTTT tends to be a little flaky and not always fire when it is suppose to.

@Ben, I am using the Android application. I don’t seem to have the + Icon or SmartSetup under the Dashboard. Perhaps in the updated version that has been announced for sometime in June?

@EdG - of course. Sorry. That will be there next month for you. For you you can access the same stuff in the SmartApps section available in the left-hand menu.

@Ben, Found it. Home --> Apps --> Explore SmartApps --> Convenience --> Notify Me When

@EdG With the dashboard can’t you use the same presence (or any) sensor to make 2 different rules/actions? Make one called “notify for dad” and another “notify for mom” and then make them use the same sensors but notify different SMS numbers?

I have the kitchen lights come on 100% from 6a to 8a on motion but only 10% from 8p to 10p.

Hi Ben, I am from Singapore and I have just set up a ST starter kit. Does the SMS notification works in this part of the world? I am glad I took the plunge and ordered the USD$299 kit. It’s whole lots of fun and I can’t wait for my Sonos speakers to arrive next week !

I would think you will want to stick with the push notifications over the SMS as our text provider is in the US. I admit I haven’t tested this. Maybe @urman or @hagins will know for sure.

Thanks Ben. I reckoned that’s probably the reason (no service provider in Singapore) heap the push notifications works just as well. Hope to see ST come to Asia big time.

@acastel Thanks for the suggestion. That way works too. Though it adds addition entries on the Home & Family portion of the dashboard screen that makes it look like there are 6 people in my family (Child A - notify Dad; Child A - notify Mom). Not a big deal.

It appears that the inability to easily select more than one text message recipient has not been fixed. I used the work arounds suggested above, but the average person will not want to go through this.

You absolutely can now send to multiple contacts. Use the “Contact Book” feature available from the main context menu (3 dots).

Then select mobile (SMS) for multiple people.

Is there some knob to turn on this ability?

Some iOS users, including me, do not have the contacts feature available yet. Support just says it’s coming.

Thanks, but my context menu does not show a “my contacts” option. I have sent in a bug report. I am using version 2.0.0 (1157).

I do see the other parts of the context menu such as “my location”, “my account”, etc.

Is this an ios feature or will it come to android?