Two Logitech ultimate homes linked to one account

Fellas, has anybody linked 2 harmony ultimate home hubs/remotes to one Harmony home account? The reason I ask is I already have one set going in my living room but wanted to set up another set to my bedroom. But I don’t want to keep switching accounts. Any help or experiences will be appreciated. Will trade in the old home control model for the second set,

I used to have (still have just dont use) two Harmony Link hubs, and the App (old one) seemed to default to whatever one was used last. I’ve purchased and set up the Harmony Ultimate for the living room, and will either purchase another one or wait for the firmware update to set it up in the bedroom. I’m not sure yet, but from what it looks like, it saves the password for the account and lets you choose the hub you want to control. I only have one Hub showing up at the moment, but it looks like you dont have to log in every time anymore.

@idlemind that makes sense. Will probably wait too but before the promotion ends.