Logitech Harmony not finding 3rd hub

(Matt) #1

No matter what I do it will not find the third hub. I can connect the hub to ST via the harmony app on my phone but the ST app will not find the 3rd hub. Any suggestions without removing it and reinstalling it. I have a ton of rules using activities on my other hubs I would hate to rebuild it all

(Richard) #2

I’ve been trying to get smartthings to recognize a 3rd hub for months, removing it and reinstalling the smartapp definitely does not help.

(Matt) #3

Well crap lol. I wish they could run multiple activities at the same time then I could get by with two


They can run multiple home control activities, but only one entertainment activity. That’s to make sure the lights don’t go off just because you change from cable to the Xbox. I don’t know if that helps you any though.


I had the same issue adding a fourth hub after running successfully for a while for three. Probably not what you want to hear, but I had to delete all the associated smartapps, remove all devices, and start over again with the harmony connect app. Only then was I able to enter my Logitech Harmony credentials and have it recognize all my hubs.

(Matt) #6

you were correct. I had to remove everything and redo it. Bad coding IMHO