Logitech - Harmony Ultimate on sale today 2/27/17

Best Buy (Ultimate and Hub)

Amazon (Ultimate only) - limited quantity

Is the harmony hub working like it should these days? I keep seeing posts about it being wonky these days.

I have two of them, no problems.

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Awesome thanks. Going to pick it up in an hour.

Does anyone know what the different is between the 915-000237 (best buy) and the 915-000201(on amazon) the 237 can be found on amazon for 190 and says it’s discontinued. But they seem exactly the same.

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I want ro say the only difference might be the hub. i think the once from best buy might include it.

Different model numbers to bypass price matching, most likely. They appear to be the same unit with all of the same accessories including the Harmony Home Hub.

The 237 and 201 are both remote and the hub on amazon. The 201 is 290 and the 237 is 190 and says discontinued.

Ahhhh I see. Makes sense. Was totally throwing me off for a while there.

So I guess a side note is that you can buy pretty much the 290 model for 190 on amazon anytime. (As long as it’s in stock)

Another posted mentioned a newer model was released… which is true… but I can’t really see what is ‘new’ about it. The Alexa stuff was already there and it doesn’t mention anything like HomeKit that would require additional hardware to be added. I’d just go with the older discontinued unit personally. I have the regular Harmony Smart Remote and love it… 100% WAF.

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The hub is pretty much the same. One is called Smart Hub and the other is Home Hub. The older hubs just needed a software update to make them the same exact thing. The one thing I didn’t like about this remote is the play/pause and FF were at the top of the remote instead of the bottom. I went with the not display remotes. A good deal still if you are looking to jump in.

Yeah, I have this remote and it works well with the hub to control all of my media and automatically turn on/off lights for different media activities. But I hate the design of the touch-screen in the middle of the remote. I’m constantly accidentally hitting buttons on the touch screen when trying to use the media control buttons, and that’s even with utilizing the lock-screen. The old 880-890 series design with screen above the media buttons was way better, and there’s a newer expensive version remote with the screen above all of the buttons, and I’d buy the Elite/Pro if I had the choice again (and the price was right).

Right now, it’s $50 off list price at Amazon ($298 instead of $349).

Here’s a comparison between these models on the logitech site.