Harmony Hub Integration Issues

Hey guys,

I am trying to add my third Harmony hub to the system. I open the Logitech Connect smart app and wait for it to see my new app. It never discovers it. I have gone to the desktop application for Harmony to make sure I had no “ghost” hubs as that what was causing me problems last time. I tried deleting the Logitech Smartapp and starting over but I keep getting an error. Any suggestions?

I had to uninstall the connect app then add it back just for my second one to register. Had to re-add the switches back into my rules. Wasn’t that much of a “to-do” as I made sure I logged what app each switch was associated with before I un-installed the connect app.

YMMV Good Luck.

Worked! Thanks so much. At first it wouldn’t let me delete the smart app but I realized I had a few activities still stored somewhere.

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Awesome! Glad it worked out for you. I think there is a solution tab or something but I have no idea how to use it.