Two houses, two samsung accounts: how to fix

Trying to remotely troubleshoot something for my dad. He has two hubs in two locations. One’s v2, one’s v3. He is using a different samsung account for each hub. He’s been using the classic app with the v2 hub and the new app with the v3 hub. Obviously there’s a need to migrate the v2 location to the new app, but with the two locations having different samsung accounts, it seems like there’s not a way to do this without support’s help?

Location A
v2 hub
samsung account tied to his personal email

Location B
v3 hub
samsung account tied to a secondary email

My best guess is that he needs the hub and devices at Location B moved to the samsung account he’s using at Location A. Then when he uses the new app, he can change his location depending on which house he wants to control. This is something (I assume) can only be done by contacting support?

What about inviting the personal e-mail to be a member of location B? There might be some things you could only do to location B when logged on using the secondary e-mail but on a day to day basis I believe it should be OK. I shall defer to those who have actually tried it.

There does seem to be some appeal to having locations on separate e-mails, but as I say I haven’t tried it so I don’t know what the drawbacks might be.