Merging 2 locations into new app

I’ve searched and read alot, I’m sure the answer is out there but I’ll ask anyways.

So I had 2 locations (my house, and MIL house) each with their own old Smartthings log in account to control the hubs.

I shared her place to me in the old account so I could manage it if needed.

But now I have the new app, with a new Samsung login. So how do I add her hub to my new login so it shows up as a second location in the new app? I found the add hub option, but was afraid to just try it all Willy Nilly!

I’m sure this is easy but I haven’t found it in the forum yet, and I just didn’t have the gumption to call support to ask.

Thanks in advance as I know the smart people here will know what I need to do.

While youre logged in to the app under the correct location with the owner’s credentials (i assume your MIL) go to the hamburger menu, then select Members in the flyout menu

In the resulting screen hit the plus sign (top right) to send an invite and enter the email address associated with the Samsung account you want to add.

Yeah, but her account is still the old Smartthings account. I don’t have a second Android device to try and create a second Samsung account for her hub.

Or even a second device to log into her account if I had a Samsung log in for her place.

Before I could log in and out of the old app and manage the 2 accounts. Now Samsung has tied the app to my phone which is MY account.

Ah yeah youll need another device to login in classic abd do the account migration before you can even think to do the location migration.

If you have access to a PC or a mac maybe you could load BlueStacks and emulate an android device and load Cladsic in THAT?

@nathancu He might be able to add second location, but he might have to re-add Hub and other devices from MIL

I appreciate everyone’s help and suggestions. It appears my MIL is moving in with me so I won’t need to worry about this problem any more.

Now I’ll have to remove everything from her hub, So I can add those sensors to my hub, and find a use for a 2nd hub.