Create Smartthings Only Account?

I use my Samsung android phone for a lot of things. One is my Samsung Pay and other things. This requires me to use my Samsung account. It connects it as part of the operating system of the phone through the accounts section of the setup.

I want to setup a second hub and be able to switch between locations. Currently this takes setting up one account for one hub, another account for the second hub, and a third to be shared access between the two. By doing this I can have Echo’s at each location that only control the one location and Echo’s for the new location that only control devices in the new location.

My issue is if I create another Smartthings account it is a Samsung account. Each time I try to access Smartthings from my phone it wants to use the original account. If I disconnect that account from the accounts section of android then I lose all of my Samsung pay setup and a bunch more.

Why can I not have just Smartthings accounts? Is there a way to setup Smartthings accounts that are NOT Samsung accounts?

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Why you don’t add your second hub as a second location to your existing account?

On Android

  • Enter Smarthings app
  • go to Hamburger menu
  • on your location press arrow down and add new location and Enter new Hub code.
  • Done

After New Location is created without hub.
Enter the new Location
Presse settings wheel and scroll down to add hub…
Insert hub code


I cannot and use my echo to control devices at the second site.

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You can share access to a location would this work? For example I setup my old v1 hub at my parents house and registered it under my fathers emailaddress. Then through his login via app I added myself as another user for his location. Now while logged into my phone I can switch between the two locations.

I would think this would work for you because the main email address for the location is not your primary and you are just sharing it to your main account.

My understanding based on current publicly announced beta program descriptions is that they’re actually going the other way: they’re going to merge all of the existing smartthings-only accounts into Samsung accounts sometime this year.

They’re also going to combine a number of different apps into one app which will be called “smartthings” but which looks a lot more like the Samsung connect app.

I don’t know whether that’s going to make your issue better or worse, but changes are definitely coming.