Change HUB to another account

How Can I change one of my hubs to another samsung account without reseting the configuration?

I recommend that you contact ST support. As far as I know, resetting the hub was the only method for changing to a different account. But contact ST support and see what they say.

Let us know what you find out.

as far as I know it’s still impossible. It better be, because I just moved 100+ devices to a new account :joy:

Look the image. Is not possible from here?

It is not possible.

No, that is just the name used to refer to your account in the IDE and your name.

It´s crazy. what happen if somebody change the mail addres?

Same thing. Everything is tied to a Samsung account.

I cannot belive it. How is it possible people buy this? It gives a lot of job. The time is much more expensive.

No @save, It’s not possible.

The closest I’ve ever managed is to change the account reported on the Location details on the IDE. I’ve not see that carry across to the ‘new’ platform as a change of owner though and I’m not really expecting it to. I’m not sure it even means much in the IDE. It has always struck me as something the architecture allows for in theory but has never implemented in practice.