Help on changing Samsung account linked to ST

Hello people. I need some help regarding am account change.

At the moment I have 2 Samsung accounts. A primary one that I didn’t use in a while, and a secondary Samsung Account I use on my phone, which is the one linked to the Smatthings app and where I have all my devices and automations saved.
I made the secondary account as a test when I got the Hub a few months back, configured everything, but now I wish to switch back to the primary one as this account is linked to my son’s gmail.

What would happen to the devices and automations saved on the Secondary account when I will log in to the Primary one? Are the devices imported from the hub or do I have to re-do everything from scratch?

Also, is there a way to “migrate” the configuration to the new account?

Thank you A LOT!

i am in a similar situation, i am trying to move to the new app from the classic app and for some reason the Samsung account linked to my classic app login cannot see my hub or devices . Samsung support don’t seem interested to help other than to tell me to delete it all and start again… 230 devices… i don’t think so!!

Hubitat anyone ?

Probably the sort of thing contacting support directly would be better for, since no one but staff could do something involving accounts.

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There’s not a simple answer but there are a few ways to approach it.

You could invite your primary account to the secondary account’s location. That would give you access via the primary but the secondary would remain the location owner account.

You can change your Samsung account email address. I believe you could delete your primary account and then change the secondary to the primary. I don’t know if there is some kind of “lockout period” though between the deletion and change. Otherwise you could change it to a different email address that isn’t tied to your son’s gmail.

Starting from scratch can be time consuming but is almost always the “safest” way.

As a note - I’m happy to help and try to get to all requests as best I can but I’m not always able.


Hi Brad, a friend has passed their V2 hub to me, and when I go through the setup, of course it tells me the hub is already registered. What do I need to do in order to link it to my Samsung account? Thanks in advance!

Are you trying to avoid resetting the hub? There isn’t a mechanism for transferring a hub and devices between users. He could change the email address associated with his Samsung account but that isn’t an ideal solution.

Hi Brad, I did a factory reset and it seemed to work. Thanks!

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