Two devices turning on at Sunset at different times?

I have two porch lights and landscape lights which I have set up to turn on at Sunset and turn off at Sunrise. The landscape lights come on much earlier than the porch lights which seem to come on at Sunset. Does anyone have an idea of why the landscape lights come on so much earlier. I have the landscape lights plugged into a GE - Z-Wave Plug-In Outdoor Smart Wireless Switch and the porch lights are smart bulbs. I have them setup as automation routines exactly the same way.

I’m not sure what you are using for the automation routines. Double check that you don’t have an offset on one. You could try adding an offset (+/- X minutes) to both to get it away from the busy sunset/sunrise time. I find better results when I avoid things like the exact hour (6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, etc). It could be the same thing, lots of users triggering things for exactly the same time. If you can’t get it to equalize to your liking, you could always use a CoRE piston to turn one on/off when the other turns on/off.

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Are you turning both off from the same automation? I would think just one automation turning on both lights would be exactly the same. Make sure one doesn’t have a light sensor already.