Lights on at Dusk Issue

Hello everyone!

I hope this is in the right place. If not, my apologies. Feel free to move it.

Let me start by saying I LOVE smartthings. I’m finding more and more to do with it every day.

On to the issue I’m having…

I have two porch lights - one normal on/off switch and one three-way switch. I’ve been using IFTTT to turn these on at sunset and off at sunrise for a while with no issues.

I wanted to consolidate everything in the smartthings app and set these lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn using Hello, Home. Simple, right?

Here’s what happened:
Both lights came on at dusk. No issues there.

HOWEVER, the three-way switch showed as “off” in the app even though the light was on. I tried to turn it on in the app but it would eventually show as off in the app, even though it never actually turned off. The Hello, Home feed showed both lights being turned on and, when I ran it again, it verified that both switches were on (even though the icon for the three-way showed as off).

At sunrise, only the on/off switch turned off. The three-way stayed on (even though it showed as “off” in the app). I was able to turn it on/off manually.

I decided to reset the smartapp (sorry if that’s the wrong term) to turn on ONLY the three-way at sunset. Same symptom. Light turned on, app showed it as off and then seemed to lose continuity with regards to the status, so it didn’t automatically shut off.

The switch is wired properly. It works as expected from both locations. IFTTT does this function just fine. Which leads me to believe there’s something in the app itself causing this issue.

Can anyone direct me to a “bug report” or someone having a similar issue?

Thanks so much!