Two devices interacting for one action

I am not even sure if I gave this the correct title. (I just got my smartthings yesterday)

I want to have a door sensor trigger an alarm between the hours of 10PM and 7AM. During that time I want to have some way to approach the door from the inside of the house it will disable the alarm until no motion is detected.

Is this even possible?

The scenario is that I sometime have to let my dog out at night and I have forgotten to disable the alarm. This wakes the entire house. I want to be able to approach any door from the inside and not have the alarm triggered if I open the door. Any Ideas?

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Hey there,

I’d start with looking into Hello, Home. You can create an action that changes the mode when “Things Start Happening” (when motion is detected).

You’ll want to have the door sensor trigger the alarm only for a certain mode. Then configure Hello, Home to change the mode when motion is detected.

Let me know if you need any additional guidance, or email us at

Check out Smart Alarm. Its an amazing app.

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