Creating an alert involving motion

My wife wants our motion sensors on during the night. The issue is I sometimes wake up for a late night snack and don’t want to trigger it. One way I thought I can solve this is putting a Motion sensor next to my bedroom door and when it get activated it will turn the other motion sensors in the house off for a period of 10 minutes. Is there a way I can accomplish this?

Turning them off with the app isn’t really going to be a solution as I’m going to be half asleep and probably won’t remember.

This is doable, but tricky. One way you could do it is to have the new motion sensor, if tripped during some time period, fire an app that causes a mode change (e.g., changes mode to Getting A Snack). The other motion sensors would all be set to not operate during that mode (i.e., only operate in other modes). The SmartApp that fired to change the mode would also start a timed event to run 10 minutes later to restore the mode back to its previous setting. So one relatively simple SmartApp could do this for you. There are several folks here that could help you write such app. Send a PM if you want specifics…


The SmartAlarm app might do what you want:

Full (long) discussion here: Smart Alarm is here

SmartAlarm might do it. I see I can make all my motion sensors (except the one next to the bedroom door) in one zone, but how would I trigger to turn that zone off with the motion on that sensor while I’m in Night mode, plus trigger a timer. I don’t see being able to do that with smart alarm.

I’m not sure, I don’t actually use it - I just knew it was out there. I think there are a couple others also. I’d recommend posting your question in that thread to see if someone knows a way to accomplish what you are trying to do.

SmartAlarm isn’t the app you need. Read my post above – it’s a very simple 20 line app.