Modes and SHM

I am new to SmartThings and still trying to understand how to use modes and SHM. I have SHM setup to monitor 3 open/close sensors and one motion sensor at night (Armed(Home)). If any activity is detected they will trigger the alarm. I have a dog that may need to go out in the middle of the night so I have a sensor upstairs that I want to use to disable one of the open/close sensors and the motion sensor. I want to keep the other open/close sensors armed. I can’t use the (Armed(Away)) because that monitors the three open/close sensors but not the motion sensor. Is there a way to use modes to accomplish this? The next piece of the puzzle will be to rearm after the door closes and no inactivity on both motion sensors but I’d settle for not scaring myself at 3AM if I forget to disarm.

You can do what you want with CoRE. It’s a highly customizable logic engine.

Simplest way is to have that upstairs sensor change mode to home, disable all the OC sensors , let the dog out back in then re-arm the system. I doubt anybody will be busting in the front door without you knowing it, while you are letting the dog out the back door.

Another option would be to create a new mode " let dog out" which doesn’t include the sensors for back door. You would still need to switch back to night mode.

I do this exact scenario with routines. One routine called Night Disarm that disarms SHM and automatically runs when our master bedrrom door is opened and the mode is not Away or Home (aka only during Night mode). Another calledNight Re-arm SHH does the opposite based on the door closing and being in night mode.