Smart Alarm and device intergrations

I have the following setup at this time and need some guidance. I am using Smart Alarm with three IRIS Open/Close sensors on the doors, two of which I have set a delay. I also have two motion sensors (SmartThings) as interior zones set to be aff when home. I plan on adding the IRIS keypad as the main way to arm and disarm the alarm. I have two KeyFobs also. My idea is to add a siren. I also plan to disable presence as it screws up the modes when presence isn’t accurate.

OK now you have my setup and here is the questions.

  1. if I have a delay on the two doors and I enter and then enter the code into the IRIS keypad will that disable the siren?
  2. If I disable presence will it effect anything elae as I don’t use it for anything other than setting modes for the alarm at this time?
    I just don’t want the siren going off at all hours when my wife or I leave or enter. I know someone has this working but haven’t found any feedback on it. Thanks.