Deactivate alarm by way of motion detector

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My current setup has two door sensors on my front and back door, at 12:00 am they are set to automatically arm and notify me if they are opened or closed. I also have a motion detector in my hall which is not in use in the night time. Most nights I have to get up and let the dog out in the middle of the night, I was wondering is there away I can have the motion detector deactivate the alarm when it detects me in the night for a set period of time so that when I open the door for the dog I don’t have to go through the trouble of disabling the alarm.




I’m actually working on a quick custom SmartApp for a very similar request. Some folks here may point to another existing app or two as well.

In the morning, I’ll see if we can combine the Topics and even the requirements.

What happens when you hear a disturbance outside, go to the door, and the alarm is disarmed? If the outside disturbance was someone actively trying to break in, you have just disabled the alarm system.

Great “use-case” example… Actually points out the benefit of SmartThings’s programmability. At the very least, you can configure the app to only disable motion alarms, but keep all the window contact sensors “armed”, blocking at least some paths of the intruder.

This is the sort of thing that “traditional” alarm systems could not / cannot handle, I believe: If you want to open your front door at night, you would enter your PIN code to disable the entire alarm system, and rearm it upon reentry. With SmartThings, we can come up with a somewhat safer option of partial-disarming.

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Did you ever commit your smart app?
Would love the ability to selectively disarm based on motion. Ideally something that played well with Smart Alarm.
Otherwise I suppose all I need is something that could perform a phrase or mode change on motion detection…

Hi Yann,

I actually recommended the other party (and you…) try out Smart Alarm by @geko

I believe that your “temporary disarm” requirement can be handled with any simple SmartApp that invokes a Mode change declared, as necessary, to Smart Alarm.