Two Accounts, How to Delete the SmartThings one?

In checking out the online developer portal, I seem to have somehow created >>two<< SmartThings accounts, both with the same email address.

One “belongs” to Samsung. The other belongs to SmartThings.

The Samsung one shows my one location, my hub, my devices, apps, etc. The SmartThings one shows…nothing. Probably because the Samsung one was set up when I configured my hub.

When I log in online, I always get asked which one I want to use.

How do I delete the SmartThings one, which doesn’t seem to be connected to anything?

  • Mark

I have the same issue. Only difference is one email has one letter uppercase. I tried to delete the one that is inactive and nothing works


I called tech support today. They suggested I delete the browser history on my iPhone (which can be done via the Safari link under Settings). That’s a not very friendly solution, because it deletes all your browser history.

But with that as a clue I found that going into Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data and deleting the information for and made my iPhone “forget” the earlier login. Which allowed me to log in with a different email. Hopefully that’ll work for you, too.

It’s a somewhat tedious solution, admittedly, because you have to scroll down through the list of every website Safari has stored information on. And, since the list is sorted in descending order of the amount of information stored, you can’t search by website name.

  • Mark

I still have this problems because i had a Samsung account which i used on my wife’s iPhone to set up the hub. When i discovered a Smartthings app in the Microsoft Store on my phone i tried signing in there and it didn’t work, tried to sign up and it has created a separate account. This is a bit ridiculous, if they can’t give an option to merge or delete an account. I’ll keep searching and try support again.