Signed up for developer account to add DTH, not connecting to my existing Smartthings acct

Already had a Smartthings account, think I signed up for it using my Google account, but not sure. Anyway I needed to add a DTH, so I followed the instructions and set up a Developer account using the same email as my Google account, but it says I don’t have any locations or hubs on my developer account.

Obviously I’ve created a bit of a mess. How do I sort it out, please?

Did you login to IDE @

Yes I can log into IDE, but it says I have no locations or hubs.

I think I have two accounts for Smartthings. The first one I set up when I got my hub, using my Google account. The second one I created (with the same email address) when I signed up for the developer access. They aren’t connecting to each other.

I am confused on the need to create a new account. iDE would use the existing account you use for your ST app.

It was my assumption that it would indeed do that but it apparently did not as far as I can tell

Unless someone else has any ideas, i’d Suggest you contact St support


If you have two accounts, you should delete the account with no hubs. Login to the account where you registered your hub. If you want you can send an eMail to support to request them to merge your two accounts.

Google accounts and email accounts are considered separate accounts AFAIK

Yeah after playing around a bit with the Smartthings website, I have learned that I have a Smartthings account and a Samsung account, both with the same email address. The Samsung account is the one my hub is connected to, but when I log into the app on my phone it doesn’t allow me to choose, and logs me into the smartthings account. I can’t figure out how to delete it on my own.

You need to contact ST support…

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