Account completely screwed since migration

Since migration everything is totally screwed.
Devices have gone, yet my DTH and apps are there. I cannot retrieve them and I seem to have 2 accounts both of which are rubbish.
I need to completely delete everything and start again as this has been a monumental cockup for me.
I want to delete all my Samsung accounts, completely reset my hub and generally start again. (Or put it on ebay for some other unsuspecting person to buy).
Anyone know how to do this or do I have to contact ST support. I sincerely hope not as experience tells me this will not be a good experience.

It’s normal to see two “locations” after a migration (ST is aware of this issue), one will have your hub and another won’t, they may both be called Home.
Select the location with your hub and you should see all your devices. You can change your default location and even it’s name from the IDE.

You can verify this by looking at the IDE or even within your Classic AND Connect ST mobile apps.

If you don’t see your devices, contact ST support (@Brad_ST) and they can look into it for you. The migration is just a migration of the authentication system and not the platform itself, so it should not affect any existing devices or automation but it can be quite disconcerting to see two locations show up with the new default location called Home, empty!

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been scouring various threads looking for a solution but nothing seems to fit for me.
I don’t have 2 locations.
I log into my old account, (pre-Migration account) and it is empty. Nothing, Nada apart from the message “You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.”
My ‘new’ account has my SmartApps, DTH’s, only one location (home) but no devices. I can connect new devices though.
Bloody nightmare. Just want to wipe everything and start again.

When you say old account, you mean the SmartThings login?

Did you try logging into the IDE? After logging into the IDE, click on “My Locations”, click on your location, and THEN click on My Devices. There’s another issue with the system, if you click on My Devices directly after logging in, without clicking on My Location, it defaults to some empty location and no devices show up.

I would bet your devices are still there, if you don’t see them try to contact support, it may be a simple backend fix rather than spending hours re-pairing your devices and setting up your apps again.


Yes. I’ve used a different email address for the new Samsung Account as I already had a Samsung account.

Yes. That is what I am doing. Nothing there.

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Please email and I will respond to your email and help you sort things out.


Well I emailed support and here is the response. FYI.

Thanks for getting back in touch with us.
I think I might know what’s happening here. You might be using the Classic App, and as your setup is on the Samsung Account variant it looks like it might be trying to log you into the Old SmartThings Account variant.
As the login cookie, for some reason, still thinks you have a legacy Account, it logs you into that and of course your setup is over on the Samsung Account side. So what I’d like to ask if you can do, is when logging in, please select “I’m a New User” as this will tell the App to put the login cookie on the right path.

Did as requested but still could not see all my devices but could see My DTH’s from the app. Only a few devices though.
Requested that they completely remove my old account and new account so that I can start again. No good. Get on with it and things will sort themselves out.
I give up.
Perhaps I need to get a new email address and start again from fresh that way. Why should I though!!! :angry:

Consider trying an email alias

This is the email I have sent support but they just seem reluctant to do it.
What a balls up.

I still have a hub that I cannot use as I want.
Can you PLEASE DELETE the following 2 accounts from SmartThings/Samsung connect or whatever you call it now so that I can start again.
I do not want to open another email account to start again.
You have my full permission to do this. Please do it.

OK. We/me are quick to criticise but slow to praise.
@Brad_ST stepped in and had a look to see what was going on. He identified the various accounts assigned to me and blocked them apart from the migrated account.
Some devices/automations have gone missing but it wouldn’t surprise me if that is down to me and all the faffing about I’ve been doing trying to get things working.
Anyway the upshot is I now know exactly where things stand and can move forward should I wish to knowing things will be OK for my setup.
It has been painful but I would like to thank Brad for getting involved and sorting this for me.