Does a wired Tuya MOES ZigBee hub and other Tuya smart devices work in SmartThings?

Is it possible to configure Tuya smart devices such as MOES wired ZigBee hub, pir sensors, light bulbs, etc in the android app Smarthings?



Is it possible to configure Tuya smart devices such as MOES wired ZigBee hub, pir sensors, light bulbs, etc in the android app Smarthings?


In the Zigbee profile that SmartThings supports, you can only have one primary hub per network, so, for example, A Zigbee sensor can be attached to either the tuya hub or the SmartThings hub, but not both.


As an alternative: If you instead connected The sensor to a Tuya device which is also a “Matter bridge,” you would be able to use Matter to add that matter bridge device to your SmartThings account and it would bring in some of the sensors with it. (but not all devices or all features.)

That way, the sensor would show up in both the Tuya/Smart Life app and the SmartThings app, and you would be able to create SmartThings routines with it.


As far as “configure“, that’s a technical term, and what exactly you can do from that aspect depends on the specific model of the device. So that’s a separate set of questions.


Things are changing all the time, but the last time I looked, the only Moes device which acts as a Matter Bridge is the MZHUB-MS, which is not the model that you show in your picture. It will have a matter logo on the box and mention matter in the product description.

I can’t be certain, but it looks like the one that you linked to is MHUB-W-Q-MS, and that one is not a matter bridge and cannot be added to your SmartThings account.

So as always, the first rule of Home Automation applies: “the model number matters.” :thinking:

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I am not sure exactly what you are asking, but I will try to answer.

  1. The only Tuya hubs that can connect to SmartThings in any manor are their Matter Bridge models. These will bring supported ZigBee devices into SmartThings (ST) via Matter. You will need a ST hub.

  2. Many but not all Tuya ZigBee devices can connect directly to a SmartThings hub using community developed edge drivers by @Mariano_Colmenarejo , @w35l3y and others. Some of these ZigBee devices have settings that can be adjusted in the Tuya app, but not in SmartThings. So initially you need to add them to Tuya app using a Tuya hub, then delete them from the Tuya app, and finally pair them with SmartThings using a ST hub. The settings you made in Tuya will generally carry over into SmartThings.

  3. Tuya WiFi devices can only be paired with the Tuya app. While there is a cloud-to- cloud (c2c) integration with SmartThings most Tuya devices are not supported. Some bulbs, switches, in-wall relays and plugs are supported. For bulbs, switches, in-wall relays and plugs that are not supported you can create Tap-to-Run automations (scenes) in the Tuya app that will get imported in ST. These are 1 way only integrations. ST can run the Tuya Tap-to-Run automation, but the status in ST is never updated if the device is physically operated or operated in the Tuya app.


True, it’s just important to note that if you do it that way you can no longer use them with the Smart Life app. It’s one or the other.

That’s what so interesting about the new “matter bridge“ models. Those allow the exact same device to be used with both the Smart Life and SmartThings apps at the same time. ( although at the time of this writing, it’s only some tuya devices and not necessarily all features of each device.)

So it gives us some possibilities we never had before, in a good way. :sunglasses: