FAQ: [ST Edge] - Drivers for Tuya Zigbee Switches?

I have some of these I’d like to integrate into my home as it’s a great way to control lights but also extends zigbee coverage (my home has really thick walls and the zigbee wall plugs I currently have just take up space and invariably get removed to plug other things in).

My question is are there any edge drivers for them? There was previously reasonable success in integrating them, but will they soon be obsolete? If not, are there any similar products that do have edge drivers?

It depends on whether you want to use a stock smartthings driver, where these devices are not picked up, or a custom driver.

I’m using some from moes or samotech and they work fine with the Zigbee Switch Mc driver.

It may also be that the ones you buy now are different from the ones I have, even though they seem to be the same model.
If they use the EF00 cluster you would have to use another driver, I think it has one. @ygerlovin
You won’t know this until you try to install it.


It varies by model and by firmware within each model. Many Tuya devices use unique proprietary messaging formats, but they don’t all use the same format, so it gets really complicated. You’ll see discussion of “the EF00 cluster,” which is one group of proprietary formats, but it’s not the only one. :thinking:

You can start with the Edge Driver Lighting list in the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki to see what’s already available.


As @Mariano_Colmenarejo says, because the differences can go down to the firmware level you may just have to try the different drivers to see if one will work with the specific device you have. The Tuya devices are inexpensive with interesting features, but integration with SmartThings can be an annoying process.

As far as other brands that just use standard Zigbee 3.0 and so have easier integration, the options vary by region. What country are you in?


Thanks for the responses!

To your last question I am EU based.

I use fibaro 2 way switches for exactly the same functionality as the AliExpress devices, but they are of course z-wave not ZigBee so no good for extending my ZigBee network.

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Actually, there are differences even within EF00 cluster and on ZCL layer bellow it.
Therefore, it is really hard to tell anything about Tuya device without seeing what messages it sends and to which messages it responds.
However, I’ve seen MOES zigbee switches that use standard cluster 006, so there is a good chance that they work with standard driver (or at least adding basic support for them would merely require adding a fingerprint). MOES dimmers are different, they most likely use EF00 cluster


I can confirm these (bought for less than €3 each) work great with the generic Zigbee Switch driver. AUBESS ZigBee Smart Switch Mini Tuya Smart Life Home Automation DIY Light Switch Relay Module For Alice Alexa Google Assistant| | - AliExpress