Zigbee Multi-Switch Edge Channel

Can someone point me to the Zigbee Multi-Switch Edge channel? I can’t seem to find it, no matter how I search. I am trying to get a 2-gang relay to work. The brand is Leomoca, and the hub recognizes it on a scan, but only as a single switch.

Aren’t those tuya made devices? (Do they use the Smart Life app?)

(Tuya is a major home automation manufacturer whose devices are then resold under many different brand names. But they will all either have the Tuya logo in the product description or say they work with the smart life app.)

If so, they probably use proprietary clusters, and you will have to find a custom edge driver, they won’t work with the stock release. For example, it’s very common with these devices that only one button works on a multi button device if you use the stock driver. :thinking:

Try, checking the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki and look under lighting.


Also, if they use the EF00 Tuya proprietary cluster there is an edge driver just for those that might work. It’s on the lighting list.

Very much appreciated @JDRoberts. Will try that. Last thing I do before I return these and get the Zooz Zen 52, which I dfound out is fully supported by ST.

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