Turn on smart plug when intrusion is detected?

I purchased a Sylvania smart plug and synced it easily with my Samsung SmartThings hub with the intention of plugging a fire alarm into the smart plug. How do I get the Samsung SmartThings hub to trigger the smart plug when an intrusion is detected?

Which smartthings hub and app are you using?

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There has to be some device that detects the intrusion first. What are you using for that?

I have the SmartThings hub and 2 door contact sensors 1 movement detector

I have the latest SmartThings hub and app, 2 contact sensors, 1 movement sensor. My outlet doesn’t show up in the app as an option to turn on when an intruder is detected. It says no alarm sirens to select no lights to select.

By the way the SmartThings classic app does give me the option to use the smart outlet as a light to turn on when intrusion is detected. But no option shows up in the new SmartThings app. I don’t understand it doesn’t seem very smart at all.

yeah, last I checked the new app SHM looks for devices with capability “light”. Most of the device handlers for outlets don’t have this capability. It’s a little weird because the Classic app SHM looks for capability “switch”, which outlets have.


It helps when you post to the forum if you give the actual model number, as, for example, there was more than one hub released last year, and in more than one country. So it’s not really enough to say “the newest hub“. The newest hub in Italy is a different model than the newest hub in the UK, and there was both a Wi-Fi mesh model and a standalone model released for the US. But that’s OK, in this particular case it won’t affect the answer. :sunglasses:

As far as your question, as @Automated_House mentioned, The “smartthings ( Samsung connect)“ Mobile app (the V3 app), Doesn’t let you use an outlet for notify with lights in the smart home manager feature. It should, so you should definitely report it to support, but it just doesn’t.

The workaround for now is to use a custom automation so that the sensor turns on the outlet.

That will work fine, it’s just more effort to get it set up correctly.

If you want to be able to dismiss it with your other smart home monitor notifications and have it work really exactly the same way as it should be working, you can do that, there’s just an extra step.

You have to create a virtual light switch, add that to your smart home monitor automation, And then use the smart lights feature to have the outlet “mirror” that virtual light switch. So when an intrusion is detected, smart home monitor turns on the virtual light switch and then the outlet comes on because the virtual light switch came on.

It’s clunky, but it should also work, and It’s more convenient once it is set up since it’s making everything work the way it should once the mirror rule is created. There’s just one extra step in the automation that you won’t even notice once it’s created.

So there are some options for workarounds, but, yeah, for right now the V3 app is just broken in this regard. :disappointed_relieved:

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IM6001-V3P01 is model #

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