Getting smart plugs to show in Smart Home Monitor

How do I get smart plugs to activate in the Smart Home Monitor. I am trying to have certain devices turned on when the Smart Home Monitor activates. Right now it shows all the lights and even an outdoor GE outlet plug, but none of my smart outlets in the setting options. I am using syvannia and Iris smart plugs They do show and are usable in the smartthings app but just on showing in the Smart Home Monitor to include as an option to include.

If you use SHM in the Classic app, you can use smart plugs. It does not offer that option in SHM in STSC. Be sure to contact ST support to request it as a future feature.

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As suggested, I contacted SmartThings customer support. He basically said the same thing: “they are looking into adding this feature into the new app” He also said they will be phasing out the classic app. I hope they fix/update everything before doing such. Sounds like the new app maybe lacking.

Again, thanx for replying.

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For some reason SHM in the new app looks for devices with capability “light”. SHM in Classic looks for capability “switch”.

so if you really really wanted them to work in new SHM, you could make a copy of the device handler for the outlet and just add capability light to it.

You could also have SHM turn on a virtual switch and have the physical plug mirror the virtual switch. I’m pretty sure that would allow you to keep it all local, if that’s what you wanted. :sunglasses:

Got it to workon on the new ST app. How:

  1. Went to the Samsung IDE on the web ( ) and logged in
  2. Clicked on MY DEVICES and looked for the smart plug
  3. Clicked on that smart plug
  4. Clicked EDIT
  5. Changed the TYPE by scrolling through various list and changed from SMARTPOWER OUTLET to to ZIGBEE SWITCH POWER. It is a Sylvannia Smart plug that uses zigbee signal.

It now shows up on the the ST Smart Home Monitor as a device that can turn on. I think when prjct92eh2 mentioned that the app looks for “lights” that perhaps changing it to look like another device might work. So thanx

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I wish this worked for the Smart Life plugs.