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How do I use my Smart plug as a siren relay? (Turn off siren when classic SHM notification is dismissed?)

(M Wyson) #1

I have my smart plug connected to my SmartThings hub. I have a siren alarm plugged into it. When I use the SmartThings classic app it will trigger my smart plug and ring my siren but when I disarm the alarm it keeps ringing and I have to manually turn it off. How do I make my SmartThings hub turn off the Smart switch when I disarm the alarm?

(Jimmy) #2

no way to automatically using standard functions. You could setup a webcore or SharpTools rule to do it, though.

(Mohammad Subhan) #3

I was in the same situation. On actiontiles, what i ended up doing was to place a virtual button right next to disarm. That virtual button turns the switch off.