How do I use my Smart plug as a siren relay? (Turn off siren when classic SHM notification is dismissed?)

I have my smart plug connected to my SmartThings hub. I have a siren alarm plugged into it. When I use the SmartThings classic app it will trigger my smart plug and ring my siren but when I disarm the alarm it keeps ringing and I have to manually turn it off. How do I make my SmartThings hub turn off the Smart switch when I disarm the alarm?

no way to automatically using standard functions. You could setup a webcore or SharpTools rule to do it, though.


I was in the same situation. On actiontiles, what i ended up doing was to place a virtual button right next to disarm. That virtual button turns the switch off.

@Matt_Wyson - did you end up coming up for a solution for this?

No. When my alarm gets triggered I just click the off button on the app. Luckily it shows me whether it’s on or off. Once my motion detector set off my alarm and it rang for hours before I noticed the notification. Thankfully my siren and bell are inside my house and garage, would have drove my neighbors crazy.