Smart home monitor - trigger outlet when sensor activated

I have just bought a hub, motion sensor and plug outlet.

I want to switch on the outlet for 5mins when motion is detected. Ultimately, I want to plug a siren into the outlet.

Under “Configure intrusion alarm notification” there doesn’t seem to be any way to switch on the plug outlet?

Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this that links it in with armed/disarmed modes?

Thanks in advance

You could do this with the smart lighting app. Motion+ outlet = on. However, why not get a Siren that integrates into ST. Such as…

This will integrate into SHM. Has a builtin backup battery. So you would have your motion sensor and siren added to SHM. There is an option to dictate the duration of the siren as well in SHM. This seems to be the better approach. Then use the extra outlet to turn on a lamp!

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