Turn on lights when ring alarm triggered

I have Ring Alarm Plus (professional 24/7 monitoring service) and SmartThings controlling some lights and sensors.
I would like to create a routine or something to turn on lights in the Ring Alarm triggered event (alarming).

Any advise will be appreciate.

There’s no direct integration between the two systems. Weirdly, Ring can’t even turn on lights when triggered within its own system except for lights using the Ring bridge. There’s quite a bit of discussion in the ring forum about this limitation. :thinking:

There are two known workarounds for this, and both would work with smartthings as well.

  1. The one that seems to be popular in the ring community is to use a third-party app, Simple Commands. I’m personally not comfortable with this one because they don’t post their privacy policy to the App Store and it seems to be a very small company taking advantage of some back door options. If you’re interested in that, check out the discussions in the ring forum.
  1. The other option, which some of my family members use, is to take a step back and look at what triggered the alarm. Then use that sensor event as the “if“ in an Alexa routine. This works well, but the set up is tedious.

For example, if you have two motion sensors and four window sensors, you would have to set up six routines in Alexa. ( and right now there is a total limit of 99.) On the other hand, since you are working at the individual sensor level you can control specifically what happens afterwards, which is nice. You have to find the sensor under “smart home“ and then start from there.

Anyway, it will work. But it’s a long way around to get what seems like it should be a simple rule set up. :thinking:

Thanks JDRobert for your quickly and explanatory answer.

Do you know if your recommended routines (reading the Ring Alarm mode and sensor status) can be deployed into Home Assistant (or another Automation software) instead of

Thanks in advance

The Ring sensors are exposed to Alexa routines, so you can use Alexa routines as an intermediary with anything that can be turned on or off by Alexa.

I’m not sure I understood the rest of your question. :thinking:


The routine will need to be trigger by the sensor but also check for Ring status on Stay or Away, it is correct? I didn’t find the way to use the IF (stay or away) into Alexa routine creator on my Alexa applicion on my phone. So I saw to do the routine into a Advanced software (maybe don’t may sense, sorry).

Could you please advice how to use a condition into Alexa routine?

You can’t. :disappointed_relieved:. You have to put any conditional or filter logic in the other system. For example, if the ring sensor alerts, you can have the Alexa routine turn on a virtual Switch in smartthings, and then you can have smartthings decide what to do based on that virtual switch coming on and any other conditions you have. So it’s not a great integration, but some people can use it depending on the details of what they’re trying to do.

What I did was hack/hobble together a dome alarm to the second terminals of an ecolink door/window contact. Thus, when the dome alarm gets triggered by the ring alarm, it triggers the ecolink contact that triggers the smartthings automation to do as you need.

i also hacked/hobbled together a dome alarm to trigger a relay for a much louder siren horn as the dome alarm is a low sounding alarm.

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That’s clever. :sunglasses:

Awestun, could you please provide details about your hack/hobble solution.

Hello Austin I am interested on taking on the task to hack the dome siren what parts did you use can you provide names where to get them or links

I put together another method of triggering ST devices or Alexa routines when Ring is alarming. I used a Ring Smart Outdoor Plug, an A/C Relay with dry contacts and an Ecolink Door/Window Sensor. When Ring is alarming it can turn on the Smart Outdoor plug. The A/C Relay has dry contacts. When the Relay gets power from the Outdoor Plug it closes the normally open dry contacts on the Ecolink Door/Window Sensor. I have it making announcements, turning on red lights outside and setting off sirens on echos.

The Relay I used is pictured below.

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That’s clever. :sunglasses:


On away I have a entry delay in order to have enough time to type my key into the keypad.
This trick will turn on the light anyway or way for the timeout?

The way I have it setup it only turns on the outlet when the alarm is going off. It does not trigger during an entry delay.