Ring alarm, UK integration?

In UK, does the Ring alarm integrate? Is there any official, or handlers available?

If so, what have people done with the integration?

At the time of this writing, The Ring Alarm system does not officially integrate with any third party systems in any region except Alexa routines. (This is pretty typical for security systems.)

You can get a partial integration with SmartThings through Alexa Routines if the ring alarm integration is available in your region. I’m not sure about the UK. :thinking:

Ah ok thanks, not sure what Alexa routines, I’ll have to have a look, but presume just announcements on it going off (would know that from notification on Ring app), and setting/disarm, which suppose is convenient, but again, can do with Ring app\

Alexa routines can do way more than that. In particular, they can turn one of your smartthings connected devices on and off, including a virtual switch, so that’s how you get Ring information into your smart things system to use as a trigger in smartthings. But you can’t go the other way and use smartthings logic to control the ring alarm. So it’s useful for some people, but not others.

One obvious thing would be to have your ring alarm going off trigger smartthings lights to come on. :sunglasses:

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Good idea! I have smartthings contact sensor on door, thinking of Ring alarm, and at moment, do as you say, contact open and lights come on, between certain times.

So I could remove the ST contact and just use the Ring contact, would Ring contact, even if system not armed, still fire a virtual switch to switch on light between certain times?

Sure, works fine. :sunglasses:

I am in the UK and have a Ring Doorbell V3.

You can connect your Ring account to Smart things that gives you some basic functionality. The door bell appears in SmartThings and you can view the live video feed from the device.

True, but OP was asking specifically about the Ring Alarm system, which is a different model, and is not part of the official smartthings/ring integration. (Hence our discussion of contact sensors) :disappointed_relieved:

So as always, the first rule of Home automation applies: “the model number matters.”

Manufacturer’s UK site:

Again, though, the Ring Alarm system does NOT directly integrate with smart things, only partial integration indirectly through an Alexa routine.

Interestingly, as an entirely separate issue, the sensors from the ring alarm system use Z wave. So you can use those directly with a smartthings hub, but then they are no longer part of the ring alarm security system. Just another Z wave sensor. I don’t know how popular they are in the UK, but they’ve been pretty popular in the US because you can get them at Home Depot and they are relatively inexpensive. :sunglasses:

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I think you can go the other way if you use a virtual lock in Smartthings. Alexa Routines do not trigger with switches (virtual or real) but they can be triggered with locks.

I have Ring contact and motion sensors directly linked to my ST hub which trigger the Home monitoring service. Looking for a z-wave siren next. Although not sure what will happen with a power cut to the hub - will the siren sound if z-wave connection is cut as an anti-tamper mechanism?