Ring security triggers in smartthings

I am looking into getting ring security for home security system and want to have the contact sensors and motion sensors trigger other things in my ecosystem. I know that only the ring doorbell is certified with smartthings. So I want to know if anyone has success getting ring sensors to say tell a smart thermostat to turn of the A/C when a window is open or turn on a light when it detects motion. I’ve seen suggestions like using Alexa or simplecommands to make virtual switches that smartthings can use in routines, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm stuff like that working before I pull the trigger on purchasing an entire system. Thanks!

You can do this via an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine), But then you are depending on two different clouds, so I would only use it for convenience use cases, not security. But it works quite well :sunglasses:

You don’t even need to have an echo device, just an Amazon account and the free Alexa app.

However, the “if” logic is pretty simple. There are some filters you can add like time of day or day of the week but that’s about it.

If you want more complex logic on the “If” side, then you have to get smartthings involved And have the real sensor trigger a virtual sensor and then put the complex logic around the virtual sensor before doing whatever action you wanted to do. So that can be done, but it is more complicated.

That’s really good to know. Ya I was going to use the ring security plan for security monitoring but wanted to make sure I could get functionality for other automation and routines using the ring devices. I know integration directly into smartthings is spotty at best. But Having something like the samsung fridge that allows you to download the ring app and echo shows that also have ring functionality ensure that I can get the video feeds from the cameras and doorbell (unless someone wants to refute this). I just didn’t want to have to double up on sensors to get the other automation.

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I don’t know whether you can use the Ring app on the refrigerator or not. :thinking:

You can certainly get the Ring video feeds on the echo show devices.

And now that you can put a custom action into an Alexa routine, you can even have a routine that brings up the video automatically when the sensor detects something. But you have to have one routine for each camera and you can only have 99 routines total, so you don’t want to go crazy with this.

In a review for the smart fridge on youtube i saw it has the ring app. That was what led me down the smartthings/ring rabbit hole. because I wanted to be able to answer the door with my fridge!

look at 6:30 ring app on the fridge.

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