Turn on all lights when the Alarm is triggered

Hey all I have my alarm integrated into ST. It’s a simple ADEMCO connected to an Alarm Decoder Network Appliance and integrated to Smart Home Monitor.
But I can’t seem to find a trigger Ican use to turn on all my lights.

In SHM, you can use “Alert with Lights” to turn lights on when intrution is detected.


Sweet thanks. I’ll try that out when I get home.

Steps below to set-up Alert with Lights in SHM.
If you have any dimmable and/or color changing lights you can also set light level/color.

Wish there are was option to flash certain lights…

Go to SHM home and click settings.

Go to Security (you can also follow below steps if you have smoke/leak sensors set-up with SHM)

Next few tabs have to do with sensors SHM uses. You can just hit next…

Select Alert with Lights

And fairly self explanatory from here. Make sure to hit done to save your changes.


Just got it tested and it works great thanks for the help you two.

I would also like to have a blink option. I guess I can see if there is a plugin strobe and put it on a ZWave switch.

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so a weird issue have been happening.

sporadically when you open the door and its counting down even before the alarm is triggered to go off all the lights will be turned on like if the alarm went off.