Smart sensor will not trigger again until prior alert cleared in app

Day 3 with my new “toy” :slight_smile:

I have the ST motion sensor set to trigger a ST plug to turn on a table lamp. I then have Smart Lighting turn the lamp off after 3 minutes.

It seems, however, that the sensor will not re-arm until I have cleared Home Monitor alert from within the ST app. Once, cleared, the sensor will trigger again as expected.

Hopefully I’m just missing something obvious and there is a solution for this?

Thank you!

What is your use case.

SHM is intended to basically be used in home security applications, therefore it’s behaving exactly as designed.

Tell is what you want to do and I’m sure the community will help you come up with three or four ways to make it happen and then three or four more ways to make them all better. :slight_smile: (one of those answers will be WebCoRE, I’m sure of it… Right @anon36505037?)

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Simply go int SHM and remove the plug from the devices you wish to use to trigger an intrusion alert. Smart Lighting app should then not trigger an intrusion alert.


Ideally, I’d like to receive an alert, but then have the monitor re-arm itself so there would be a log of the activity over time without having to reset SHM after each trigger.

I don’t have a real application, yet…I’m new to ST and am trying to discover the capabilities and the restrictions.

As Nathancu suggests, Webcore will probably be the solution…but I don’t think I’m quite ready to jump in on that until I understand basic ST operations.

Ok question then, do you want an ‘intrusion alert’ or do you just want to get notified that the motion triggered? (because yeah, SHM isn’t designed to be used if you just want notification. There are many other ways to do that)

I don’t really understand what the benefit of an “intrusion Alert” would be over a simple notification, but yes, a simple (SMS?) notification would certainly suffice.

So are you wanting a lamp to turn on with motion and get an alert and then turn off after 3 minutes? While you are home or away?

Yes…again, I don’t have a practical need in mind just yet, but want to know/find out, what the capabilities and restrictions are…

ok cool. So without the notification requirement, this is very easy using smart lighting (marketplace>smart apps>smartthings reccomends). But smart lighting can’t push notifications. So instead what I would do is create a routine to turn the lamp on. you’ll want to choose the Automatically perform and then “when things start happening” option and then turn on notification here. THis takes care of turning on. Then turn off after 3 minutes via Smart Lighting. A little hacky, but this uses better built in tools than Smart Home Monitor.

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We’re the Smartthings community, we specialize in ‘hacky’

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Nice! I’m going to give this a try. This is only day 3 of my ST adventure, and I’m coming into this after 20 years of X10 automation. Of course, I haven’t given up on that yet either…am running Hue emulation on an X10 server and have it linked in to ST and Alexa. I’m just adding a new layer! How’s that for “hacky?” :smile:

Thank you all!

Seriously though, I think he could also use the SHM ‘custom’ notification and still get the push while not triggering the SHM intrusion alert.

Additionally there’s smartapps like ‘notify me when’ that are in the marketplace

There’s basic community provided notification apps for various device types aplenty if you search the forums.

Then of course, WebCoRE, the granddaddy of them all. (and don’t be afraid of it the install is cake and it only takes minutes to figure out how to make your first Piston)

The only problem with SHM is even custom alerts you have to clear before getting another alert.

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X10? And I thought I was old…

If you can do that, You’ll fit in nicely.

If you were an X10 junkie then I suspect you will quickly outgrow the builtin and go webCoRE soon enough and never go back. It can do something as simple as notify on… Or something complicated as:

When one of your zwave blinds stalls closing and it’s out of sync with the rest of the blinds in the row, check in 60 seconds and if one is out retry aligning them all to the bottom most shade. If it doesn’t work retry up to four more times and if it doesn’t work, notify…

Welcome and good luck!

Thanks Jimmy…

Old? Remember?

What were we talking about? Where’s the beer?

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Yes, I’m likely one of the more senior among the users here. :slight_smile:

…but I’m not THAT old! (or so I keep telling myself) I’ve been driving my wife crazy with this stuff, except once a year. We have 18 windows in the front of the house, at Christmas time each one has wreath hanging on the outside and an electric candle on the inside sill. In the “old” days she used to have to walk to every window and physically turn on the candle light. Then I introduced HA and with the push of a button she could turn them all on/off at once.

So, once a year, I am a tech god to her…the rest of the year, not so much :slight_smile: Though she is getting very used to walking in to a room now and telling Alexa to turn on the light!

Now, did someone mention beer?


Couldn’t you just use smart lighting app to control the light part.

Then use notify me to give you your alert.

That’s the intended use of each and they are built into smarthings. There are way to do it all as one complete evolution. Would probably require installing some smart app. So not already built in and available.

I hope that’s right. :thinking::thinking:

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