Turn off lights when SHM alarm dismissed?

I currently have my SHM turning on a bunch of inside and outside lights if it gets set off. Every now and then SHM goes off accidentally due to letting the dog out or a kid opening door when its armed, or even when SmartThings goes wonky every now and then.

Is there an easy way to automate turning all the lights off after the SHM alarm is dismissed? I have a routine setup to turn off all lights, but it would be nice to do it automatically. Even better if it only does that if I check “False Alarm.”


I have a virtual switch called Intrusion Alert which I set to on on SHM alarm then have a CoRE piston to turn all the lights on and then turn it and the lights off 20 min later. I also use that virtual switch as a restriction to other pistons to avoid conflict with other light changing pistons. For instance, all my outdoor lights blink red when the intrusion alert is on

It sure seems like this should be handled by SHM. Ideally SHM would “remember” the state of the “alert with lights” lights and restore that state upon alarm dismissal. Or, at the very least, turn them off after a time-out (the siren has an “Alert Duration” setting, why can’t the alert with lights have a similar setting)?

I very much agree.
I could work around this if there was an IFTTT event for SHM alarm dismissal, but there’s none.

Did anyone find a way to turn off switches on alarm dismissal?

I’m scratching my head on this as well after recently adding the outdoor lights to SHM alarm trigger. It’s pretty common occurrence to accidentally trip the alarm as often times Life360 presence does not disarm in time (or at all) as I pull in the driveway and the alarm trips when I open the garage door. Anyhow, I noticed the porch and landscape lights were on and realized SHM must not be turning them off when I disarm and/or dismiss the accidental intrusion like it does the siren. I’m guessing this was just overlooked since it’s not just me. Seems silly that SHM wouldn’t take care of this. I wish I was more advanced in my SmartThings knowledge as I’m familiar with virtual switches, but not exactly sure about the Core Piston solution mentioned.

I used the Smart lighting app with a ten minute timer to turn off the lights that SHM turns on. You can set a time under “power allowance exceeded”

I just have a simulated light trigger on SHM intrusion (which in my case, lights up an actiontile), and I automatically turn that same simulated light off when I disarm SHM via a simple automation routine. This seems consistent with any past alarm I’ve owned.