Turn off outlet after a delay

I’m trying to turn off a space heater 30 minutes after going to bed.

When we go to bed, we manually activate our “Good Night” routine. I’m trying to set it up so that once the button is pushed, there’s a 30 minute delay and then the smart outlet the heater is plugged into turns off.

Any suggestions how to do this?

Automation creator in the new app. If side is the button push, then side is turn on with the auto off

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I guess it might be time to finally play with the new app, then. I’m still on Classic…I’ve been waiting for the official word from ST to move over.

You could:
Create a virtual switch.
Setup your Good Night routine, to turn that virtual switch on when run.
Create two rules with Smart Lighting:
One that turns off the virtual switch after 30 minutes (I think the trigger is called power allowance).
And one that turns off your outlet when the virtual switch is turned off.

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What kind of outlet are you using with a space heater? I wasn’t sure many, if any, were rated for that.

Thank you! I set this up, but now it warmed up so I haven’t really tested it, but I’m sure it will work.

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I have one of the first ST smart plugs. It’s just a small space heater, I’m sure it’ll work fine.