Using an outlet and google home to automatically turn off after a specified time?

I am afraid as my smartthings has been working fine for 18 months, I have now forgotten everything!
I am using an outlet to control a solenoid to switch the garden hose on and off. Simple to set up for however long you choose, or to over ride via the smartthings app.
I can also instruct google home to switch On and OFF.
If I have the preset times for On and OFF running via a smartapp, is it possible additionally for the instruction to google home ON always only to be for a set amount of time? The idea, is that I do not have to remember to switch OFF again !

Use SmartLighting with a Power Allowance condition to turn the outlet off after N minutes. This will apply any time the outlet is switched on

You might want to remove the “off” time you have previously set in order to eliminate conflicts between the two automations. It won’t actually cause any problems from an automation perspective, but it will be confusing when you change the “off” setting a few months from now and it doesn’t have any impact on operation.

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Ah, yes…power allowance only shows in smartlighting OFF trigger…many thanks.
I think on another instance, it looks like I have set up a virtual switch…any other suggestions still appreciated…at least the fog is clearing a bit !!

Many people prefer to create a virtual switch to act as the virtual timer. That way you can still use the real switch in any other way that you want that may have been what you did in the past.

In that case, you would be telling Google home to turn on the virtual timer, not the actual switch.

See the how to article in the community-created wiki:

Brilliant, many thanks indeed.
I wish the Arduino/esp8266 forums were this helpful !