Virtual Thermostat to Control Heater

I’m trying to control a heater attached to an outlet connected to my ST. I want it to come on when the temperature outside reaches a certain level and shut off when the temperature gets to another set level.

I’m trying to use virtual thermostat to automate this. I have the accuweather as the sensor, temperature set above the current outside temperature and heat selected. I also have the outlet selected (obviously) and within 2 minutes. Nothing in emer temp or specific modes.

I can’t get this to trigger very reliably (really, I’ve only gotten 1 trigger within the 2 minutes).

Is there another app I should be using for this or am I inputting something wrong in virtual thermostat?

Any help is greatly appreciated - I’m obviously new at the ST stuff.

If you have a Samsung Smart Sensor with temperature sensor built in, and a smart outlet, than I can offer you this idea.

Use Core to build a rule to turn on an outlet when the sensor sees the temperature get to less than or equal to what ever temperature you want. I have a rule that turns down my thermostat if my kids room is too Hot or turns it up if it is too cold.

Using Core, is there a delay in executing? I kept it simple…if temp below X (reported from Accuweather), then turn switch Z on. Didn’t change anything else. When I click done, shouldn’t it execute if the current temp is below what I set…or is there some delay to have the program execute?

Thanks again.

I would recommend to use the WeatherTile 2.0; however the problem may be that the Accueweather is not being refreshed. To solve that issue, you may need to use Pollster community app.

Got everything working with core and weather tile 2.0. Thanks for all your help!

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