Help with space heater

I’m looking for way to control my space heater during night time. Virtual thermostat will turn it on at my desired temp but doesn’t turn it off and ends up getting to hot.

Is there way or app or something that would allow me to turn on my outlet at like 68 and turn off at 73?

I had a smart app that would turn it on when the temp fell to a number I entered. Then I could configure how long I wanted it to run.
So, let’s say when the temp hit 65F, turn on the space heater and run it for 10 minutes. It worked pretty well in my home office. You just need an automated plug and a temperature sensor. I think it was called “Virtual Thermostat”

This is probably not the solution you’re looking for but I just bought a small analog heater and plugged it into a GE outdoor zwave switch so I can kill it at will and of course you can use it with CoRE and a temp device to monitor the temperature.

I’ve used Virtual Thermostat in the past with success. Mine is set for mode Sleep and keeps the room toasty until Sunrise when I deactivate the script (because main thermostats kick in).

The only quirk is if the mode changes while the heater is on. In which case, the heater never turns off therefore missing the set temp. This is because the app is de-activated in the new mode.

I guess a “fix” would be to create a transitional node where the space heater and main HVAC could run. In theory, the HVAC should heat the room to the set temp in the virtual thermostat script, and therefore the space heater will turn off when the room reaches temp.

I don’t have a solution for you, but I would also unplug the space heater when not in use, or do a “Notify me when” it turns on when you’re not home.

SmartThings couldn’t explain it and just told me to check with GE, but my hub rebooted once and then switched on the GE smart outlet which was tied to a warm-mist humidifier. If the water runs dry, it’d continue to be heated and run. Luckily I was home.

the space heater has its own thermostat, which does not depend on internet or ST.

There is some setpoint of that thermostat, that will heat closer to your desired operating range, and be safer than control via the cloud.